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Caruso’s American Cafe, #61

Caruso’s American Cafe - Premium coffee franchise in international expansion

Caruso’s American Cafe is an American cafe concept founded in 1982, today reaching more than 1000 locations in the USA alone and with global ambitions.

The secret to the incomparable taste of Caruso coffee comes from the fresh beans roasted according to the original recipe, kept sacred for over 4 decades.



franciza Caruso’s American Cafe


In addition to specialty coffee, Caruso's franchises offer:

  • Full breakfast with eggs, pancakes, pancakes
  • Tasty lunches with fresh sandwiches or salads
  • Dinner with American specialties such as burgers or wood-fired pizza
  • Complete catering services for events

All dishes are made “from scratch” with top quality ingredients. Caruso’s franchised premises have a clean, modern and welcoming environment.

Together with its developers, the Caruso's American Cafe brand continues expansion plans in Europe and the Middle East, just as it has done successfully in the US.

Caruso’s American Cafe was founded in 2001, our motivation being to offer our customers a place to come to enjoy the specialties our coffee and unique drinks. We offer a complete range of the best drinks globally, so we wanted to combine the top coffee menu with a classic, American one, aimed at satisfying the tastes of the clientele. This philosophy gave immediate results, and its success is quantified by the increasing number of visitors to our restaurants, attracted by the menu that has evolved over the years. We believe that we really offer customers the best value and variety for the price paid, regardless of the cafe concept.

Come and meet us and you will understand why we are one of the “hottest” US cafe concepts.

An Express franchise is a flexible opportunity for locations with high traffic, but with limited spaces, which operate with low expenses, but with high profit in areas adjacent to: hospitals, universities, train stations, etc.

Cafenea Caruso’s American Cafe

The cafe is the most popular concept, with a number of seats between 15-75 people, with the possibility of an outdoor space (patio type) and a drive thru (drivers order their favorite products from the car). The cafe offers an extensive menu with creative options, along with our unique drink and dessert recipes.

Caruso’s American Cafe Forecast and Business Model

Costs Fixed & Variable Sales $750 Day Sales $1,000 Day Sales $1,500 Day
Lease Amount Monthly $4,500 $150(Daily rent) $150(Daily rent)
Food Cost 33% - $247.50 33% - $330 33% - $495
Labor Cost 15% - $112.50 15% - $150 15% - $225
Utilities/Insurance 3% - $22.50 3% - $30 3% - $45
Admin Fees 2% - $15.00 2% - $20 2% - $30
Royalty Fees 4% - $30.00 4% - $40 4% - $60
Total Costs $427.50 $570 $645
Total Profit Daily $322.50 $430 $855
Avg. Monthly Profit $9,675 $12,900 $19,350

  • 73000 Price - with franchise tax:   73000
  • 1 year Investment Recovery Period::   1 year
  • 4% Royalty fee:   4%
  • 2% Advertising fee:   2%
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes
  • Yes Information disclosure document:   Yes
  • Yes Continuous Support::   Yes

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