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The school of speed reading and wise learning, #51

The School of Speed Reading and Wise Learning is a project organized in cooperation with the German company "DOOR Training & Consulting" from Wiesbaden.

The program has been developed for years , and its main author is Časlav Mančić , who started the development of learning techniques back in 1994. >. years. The first versions of this program were intended for students , and its commercial distribution through the courses starts in 1999 . year - organized by the Educational Center " Finesa " whose Caslav Mancic was one of the initiators.



The school of quick reading and smart learning is a project organized in cooperation with the German company "DOOR Training & Consulting" from Wiesbaden. The project is based on the development and distribution of the program "Reading fast and learning smart", aimed at school-aged children, as well as adults who want - with less boredom, effort and time - to achieve better results in school, college and work.

The idea of the program is for students to learn:

What do you prefer?
Much faster
With more determination
At the same time, what they learn can be used and improved in later stages of schooling.

The school of speed reading and wise learning
The ideal participants for this program are children – smart and not too lazy or hardworking and a little confused, as well as those who really like one or two subjects but not others.

The main results of this program:
better motivation to learn
greater ability to filter and organize matters
easier memorization and easier to remember selected data, saving time
a more functional expression of what he has learned – in written and oral presentation

The key goals our students achieve using the skills they learn while participating in this program:

  • four to five times increase in reading speed – regardless of the type of reading;
  • 50% improvement in concentration and reading comprehension – regardless of the type of reading;
  • the ability to quickly extract the most important information from the text, formatting it as key words and organizing it into a diagram (map) from which they can present fluent readings aloud and answer questions more easily - with a memory on long term significantly better;
  • three times faster memorization – compared to peers – of lists, definitions, poems and similar textual units – with long-term retention;
  • the ability to plan learning in a group, which can drastically reduce the time spent on learning (especially suitable in cases where the child, for some reason, is absent from school for a long time).

We offer you the opportunity to become our local partner and start a creative and promising fast reading and smart learning school business. By joining our system, you will gain all the knowledge and skills needed to implement a speed reading program.
The school of speed reading and wise learning


Initial fee (Master Franchise Fee): EUR 18,000

Regular monthly fee: 10% of turnover

Marketing Fee: None

Initial investment required

Equipment of the premises: approximately 1,000 – 1,500 EUR

Total expected investments from 20,000 to 25,000 EUR

  • 25000 Price - with franchise tax:   25000
  • 10% of turnover / month Royalty fee:   10% of turnover / month
  • Yes Training Included:   Yes

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